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An eco friendly refill of your favourite Bath Therapy Salts. 

Shop our original glass jar Muscle Ease salts here.


Many of us are lacking in the mineral magnesium, and this can lead to a multitude of health problems. The most effective way to restore magnesium levels within the body is through the skin. Our Bath Therapy Salts contain 2 different types of salt (Epsom & Sea Salt) which are both renowned to help build up magnesium levels within the body. 


We've also added a therapeutic blend of essential oils to help further intensify the health benefits, and create a treat for the senses. 


Benefits of Epsom Salts

- Promote relaxation by producing serotonin and reducing the effects of adrenaline

- Relieve pain and tension

- Anti-Inflammatory

- Improve circulation

- Soothe bruises and minor skin conditions

- Help to ward off migraines



Our MUSCLE EASE Bath Therapy Salts are perfect after a workout, or even just a long day on your feet. They contain the following blend of essential oils:


Rosemary: Has a warming anti-inflammatory action that helps to relieve pain. It also stimulates the lymphatic system to aid detox and improve circulation.


Black Pepper: Revives tired muscles and joints and speeds up the healing of bruises. It has a warming action that helps improve muscle tone.


Lemongrass: Strengthens muscle tone & slack tissues, ideal for treating aching muscles and strains. It's aroma also soothes headaches.


Muscle Ease Bath Therapy Salts Refill (425ml)

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