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Many of us are lacking in the mineral magnesium, and this can lead to a multitude of health problems. The most effective way to restore magnesium levels within the body is through the skin. Our Bath Therapy Salts contain 2 different types of salt (Epsom & Sea Salt) which are both renowned to help build up magnesium levels within the body. 


We've also added a therapeutic blend of essential oils to help further intensify the health benefits, and create a treat for the senses. 


Benefits of Epsom Salts

- Promote relaxation by producing serotonin and reducing the effects of adrenaline

- Relieve pain and tension

- Anti-Inflammatory

- Improve circulation

- Soothe bruises and minor skin conditions

- Help to ward off migraines



Our MUSCLE EASE Bath Therapy Salts are perfect after a workout, or even just a long day on your feet. They contain the following blend of essential oils:


Rosemary: Has a warming anti-inflammatory action that helps to relieve pain. It also stimulates the lymphatic system to aid detox and improve circulation.


Black Pepper: Revives tired muscles and joints and speeds up the healing of bruises. It has a warming action that helps improve muscle tone.


Lemongrass: Strengthens muscle tone & slack tissues, ideal for treating aching muscles and strains. It's aroma also soothes headaches.

Muscle Ease Bath Therapy Salts (425ml)

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