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Made using only natural ingredients and the power of essential oils, our Aromatherapy Mists are a safe and effective way to lift your mood whilst helping to fragrance your home.


Spritz this uplifting mist into the air around you during times of stress or when you are in need of a little mood boost.


Rosemary: Stimulates the nervous system and increases circulation to the brain, which in turn helps to improve memory, concentration and mental alertness. Has a reviving effect which helps when you are feeling tired or lethargic. 


Black Pepper: This aroma promotes a feeling of warmth that can enhance the senses, and helps to clear the mind and aid focus, motivation & stamina. 


Lemongrass: Calms and fortifies nerves, and eases depression and stress. It also works wonders as a natural insect repellent. 

Uplift Aromatherapy Mist (100ml)

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