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Our bestselling Oat & Coconut Milk Bath is now available in a bath tea bag! Simply drop the bag into your warm bath and watch as the gorgeous powder filters out and fills your tub with its milky, soothing goodness. 


Then you can use the bag as a gentle exfoliating cloth to cleanse the most delicate of skin. And best of all, the bags are reusable! Just let them dry out and then you can refill them using your favourite Oat & Coconut Milk Bath blend to enjoy the calming and moisturising goodness over & over again.


Our luxurious bath powder will turn your babies bath water into a yummy smelling, milky treat. Cleanses and soothes dry, itchy, and eczema prone skin and helps to replenish moisture to the most delicate of bodies. 


Made using only natural, vegan & ethically produced food grade ingredients, and absolutely no nasties whatsoever. Add a sprinkle to your babies (or your own!) bath water to gently cleanse the skin without stripping any of the bodies natural oils.



Oat & Coconut Milk Bath Tea Bag (30g)

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