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What is a Diffuser Bracelet & how do I use it?

Diffuser bracelets are a convenient and simple way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils every day. All you need to do is simply apply a few drops of your favourite essential oil blend to either the wooden beads or the lava stones on your bracelet, and then gently rub the oil in. As these beads/stones are porous, they will absorb the oil and work to diffuse the scent throughout the day & night.


About The Mya stack:


-A mix of 8mm Zebra Jasper gemstones, 8mm natural wooden beads stones and a silver accent bead

-6mm Frosted White Agate gemstones

-6mm White Howlite gemstones

-6mm Sandalwood beads


Zebra Jasper promotes optimism in the midst of difficult times, balances all aspects of the self & helps us work toward and achieve our dreams and aspirations. It also helps us to see the good in others and understand their needs.


Frosted White Agate has long been considered a stone for the protection of pregant women. It can help to ease symptoms of morning sickness and exhaustion, and is often used as a protection stone during childbirth. It can also be of benefit to help heal stomach problems and skin conditions in non pregnant people too.


White Howlite strengthens positive character traits, removing selfish, rude behaviour and greed. It is also an ideal stone to use when needing to reduce anxiety, tensions & stress.


Sandalwood has long been used in Buddhist tradition as a poweful aid to enhance meditation due to its ability to foster tranquility and to stimulate a sense of awareness. It also promotes relaxaion, aids restful sleep and helps to subdue aggression.


The Mya is also available as a single bracelet.


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The Mya Stack

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